Daytona Beach, Florida (1982)

While in high school and college, my friends and I would occasionally drive down from New York to what many of us in high school and college considered to be “paradise”: Sunny and warm weather on a Florida beach in March. This world famous seaside town (it is sometimes called the world’s most famous beach) hosts huge numbers of party-seeking college students each year from around the country during spring. The annual pilgrimage is known as “Spring Break.”

In 1982, we chose the most famous of the Spring Break venues: Daytona Beach. Lots of sun (WAY too much for my face, which ended up looking like dark leather after I mistakenly lathered on sun-tanning lotion (which amplies the sun rays baking your skin), thinking that I was applying sun SCREEN. To this day, I worry that melanoma will be in my future due to that blunder.

Also lots of drinking. And lots of attractive women in bikinis. A few of the ones a very shy Dom met while at Daytona Beach are pictured below.

Due to the hard and wide beach, many of the Spring Breakers drive up and down the beach in their cars, which I dislike since there are hundreds of cars, and it detracts from the aesthetics, ambiance, and safety of the beach.

The city was founded in 1870 by Mathias Day, whose name was used for the city name. The place got its start at the beginning of the century, when Ransom Olds, Louis Chevrolet, and Henry Ford discovered they could test and race their new cars on the hard-packed sands of the beach. Fortunately, today the only racing occurs on the nearby racetrack stadium, and the beach rules limit auto speeds to 10 miles per hour.

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