Ann Arbor, Michigan (1990)

In the fall of 1990, I attend a conference in this city and hear the rather controversial Dr. Jack Kevorkian speak. Despite how he is portrayed in the media, I find him to be extremely intelligent and compassionate. Also a speaker is Patricia Ireland, former vice president of NOW.

I enjoy the ambiance of the Nickels Arcade in the downtown area. The buildings on the University of Michigan campus (the university was founded in 1817) are rather gothic, as can be seen in the photo. The football stadium on the campus is one of the largest in the world.

In 1990, the city population is 109,592. In the early 1990s, there are about 100 research and hi-tech firms in the city.

Many historians believe the name Ann Arbor came from many openings, or “arbors”, which appeared in the thick forests covering nearby hills. Such arbors are believed to have come from Native American agricultural activity. Others believe the name came from early settlers, Ann Rumsey and Ann Allen, who sat under a grape arbor.

The city is on the Huron River, and was first settled in 1823 (and incorporated in 1851). The University came to Ann Arbor because of a large gift of land from the Indians (a portion of the Treaty of Ft. Meigs).



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