Mount Dora, Florida (1993)

A 19th Century small Florida town with a great deal of charm. Several large, stately Victorian homes, a nice tree canopy, and antique shops are found in the town. Settled in the 1880s, this sleepy little town has several turn-of-the-century buildings. The annual Mount Dora Bicycle Festival is a three-day event held the second-to-last weekend in October. I have attended a few festivals. At these very pleasant events, I bicycle on quiet, scenic rural roads around the town, and enjoy the many Victorian homes in town. The rides provide for all skill levels. Several routes and distances are offered, and some routes have entertaining names, such as the Lake Dora Loop, I climbed Mount Dora, King’s Landing Pedal and Paddle, Emerald Island Wander, Trimble Park Surf & Turf, Wiygul Wiggle, Three Bobs Ride, Thrill Hill Ride, Famous Battle of Buck Hill, and Assault On Sugar Loaf Mountain.  Sugar Loaf “Mountain” is one of the highest elevations in Florida, standing at 312 feet. The image below shows the “assault” section of the Sugar Loaf ride.2_-10-14-07_-looking-up-sugarloaf-_300-foot-elevation-change-within-_25-miles__-mountain_-south-of-mount-dora_-fl



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