Wacissa River, Florida (1995)

In the central panhandle of Florida, there looms a broad and crystal clear river. The Wacissa is a relatively swift river, is fed by 12 first magnitude springs, and is almost entirely free of development. A friend and I canoe the river on a cool, sunny Christmas day. We do not see a single person on the river all day, but DO see thousands of wading birds. We see a couple of hawks, a river otter poking his head out of the water to check us out, and a bald eagle perched at the top of a tree. Land on both sides of the river is densely forested with cypress, oak, and pine. The river is almost entirely free of development. Fed by 12 major springs, the water is crystal clear and full of fish. The sides are also rather swampy, and water weeds are thick. We enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

The Trail is 14 miles long, and begins one mile south of Wacissa on S.R. 59. We are the only humans on the river for the entire 5.5-hour trip-a first for me. I vow to do more such trips in the future on Christmas eve…

Wacissa to Goose Pasture (a take out point) is nine miles. To get to the put in point, take US 27 east from Tallahassee to SR 59. Turn right (south) and continue to the town of Wacissa. When SR 59 turns west, continue straight ahead for 1/4 mile to the river.



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